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Former Texas Rangers AAA Groundskeeper shares his baseball field maintenance and renovation expertise with step-by-step actions, tips, checklists, and more… We have exactly the field tips, guide, & resources you need to make your field the best...


A Quality Baseball Field - Let Your Coaching Efforts Stand Out!

VCA baseball field

Just use this site and you’re guaranteed a quality baseball field. Everything is talked about – figuring out what to do, getting funding, getting it done, case studies from youth to collegiate, essential tips, etc.


Baseball Field Maintenance Essentials

It’s better to carefully select beforehand the specifics and wrap them around a plan that incorporates the right materials, equipment, and labor to get it done.

Let’s look at some basic ‘need to know’ information first, and then some choices for whipping your field into shape.


Getting Started - there's a lot to do, how do I begin?

It’s better to do a little planning before you start. That way you'll incorporate the right materials, equipment, and labor to get your baseball field maintenance job done.

Let’s look at some basic ‘need to know’ information first, and then some choices for whipping your field into shape.


Baseball Field Turf as healthy and as smooth as a golf course.

Make your bounces dependable. 85% of the game occurs in the infield.

This section covers everything you need for mowing, edging the grass, aerating, top dressing, seeding, sod, fertilizing, dragging, watering, sanding, and rolling… including tips and common mistakes.

Baseball Field Dirt Areas – true, consistent, and good footing. This is where most of the infield action is… on the dirt. But it’s care is often an after thought.

This section covers everything you need for infield mix analysis and correction, warning track material, dragging, rolling, and watering… including tips and common mistakes.

tractor dragging

Official Baseball Field Diagrams and Dimensions. Use the regulation field dimensions for youth, high school, and college.

Make sure you do the job right with these diagrams. You can use these for the base cutouts, base paths when edging, areas around the mound and home plate, and the infield skin.

A must for proper baseball field maintenance.

field diagram

Equipment Reviews. Rental machines make the job of baseball field maintenance a lot easier. But, not all makes and models are easy to use.

I’m sure you don’t want to end up wrestling with equipment or suffer the disappointment of a job taking longer than it should. Experience shows that equipment selection can be critical. Read the reviews and case studies.

roller and tractor

Products and Suppliers. Proven products and suppliers that know what a baseball field needs.

Best sources for grass seed, fertilizer, rental equipment, infield dirt, sod, and tools
fill seed spreader

Pre-Season Audit & Check Up. Conduct this pre-season, mid-season and pre- tournaments / championships

You should thoroughly audit your baseball field before starting your season’s activities. And frequent in-season inspections are also helpful. This audit form can be used for a comprehensive audit or for an in-season of postseason inspection. Then you’ll know what your maintenance or renovation plans are.


Daily and Annual Baseball Field Maintenance Checklists. Post the checklists in each dugout for reference by the grounds keeper, coaches and players.

Checklists can be used as a helpful guide to develop a proper maintenance routine. These checklists can be modified to meet the specific needs of each field.


Project Gallery. Projects you can learn from – a visual how to guide.

Maintenance, facelift, and renovation projects for little league, PONY, high school, college, private school, public school, and park districts.

Baseball Field Renovation and Reconstruction.
Sometimes you just have to scrape it flat and start over. See how easy this really is. Actual case studies.

Normal maintenance practices can rejuvenate a tired or worn out field. But your field might have a hump 60 feet in diameter from 50 years of washing the mound dirt out on the grass. Or the mound material is nothing but decomposed granite that disintegrates no matter how hard you work on it.

hwp renovate infield  
hwp take out the mound


Baseball Field Maintenance goofs that turn your stomach
Hey, I planned like crazy. What could go wrong? Plenty! Be forewarned and your project can still have a happy ending.

Avoid project failure. Lessons learned so these don’t happen to you also: equipment failures, sprinklers that get stuck, deliveries to the wrong place, someone else gets your delivery, it rains, someone forgets the hitch, etc.

Funding - $$$. Make your own field of dreams. Find out how to get materials and equipment steeply discounted or donated.

Do a $30,000 job for as little as $2,000, if not entirely for free. I’ll show you how to do this. A consultant could build you a new baseball field or totally scrape your existing field and start over. You’d be looking at a minimum of $150,000 and more likely closer to $250,000 by the time you are done. Get something nice that doesn’t break the bank! I include my favorite suppliers and sources of cash donations.

Article Archive. Dig through this growing treasure of tips and hints.


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- Tips and Hints
- Parents/Coaches
- Resources
- Case Studies
- Money Savers



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